Easter Holiday Eggs, Gift and Card Planner for Budgeting. Microsoft Excel

Get organised and ready for Easter with the excellent Easter Planner in Microsoft Excel. This planner is fully automated to track your spending on Eggs and gifts. You can even track your Easter Cards progress (sending and receiving).

With the latest cost of living crisis this is a must have in tracking and monitoring your Easter spend for family friend and colleagues. You can allocate each person an amount and the template will track your spend showing you how much you have spent and the amount remaining. You can even see where you have over spent.

On the Easter Card tracker, you can capture family, friends and colleagues address and update when you have written, sent and received cards.

There is even summary stats showing your progress.

This template is simple to use and requires NO Microsoft Excel knowledge as this is all taken care of within the template.

Workbook Contents

Contained within the workbook you will find the key features below: 

Egg / Gift Planner

■ Individual and overall budgeting

■ Spend vs Budget

■ Group by family, friends etc

■ Keep on track of purchases and delivery

■ Instantly see if you have over spent on an individual

■ Highlight if there are duplicate individuals

Card Tracker

■ List people address information

■ Track people who send you Easter cards

■ Track how many cards you have written and sent

■ Highlight if there are duplicate individuals.

If there is anything else you would like to know please don't hesitate to contact me.

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