Women Tennis Prediction Statistics Spreadsheet Microsoft Excel Betting True Odds

Women tennis Prediction and Statistics spreadsheet, Microsoft Excel, Betting True Odds

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This is a Tennis results, statistics and prediction spreadsheet. All results are updated at a click of a button using the custom ribbon. The only manual input involved is entering the fixtures or head-two-head meetings. All the result information is downloaded from the internet in seconds and at a click of a button. All you need to do is select your match(s) and use the statistics and match prediction to help you make informed bets. Your bet is just a guess without using historical data.

This is just a onetime purchase as all the results are updated automatically at a click of a button. I am always evolving the template and introducing new features regularly. All new versions to the template are FREE and will be sent to your email after each full version update. 

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Workbook Contents

Contained within the workbook you will find historical tennis data since 2005 until present. You have statistics on: Matches played, won and lost, match prediction including True Odds*, last 5 matches for each please, last 5 matches head-two-head, tournament round success rate, court surface success rate, court type success rate, ATP series success rate, set win success rate and bookies odds profile. 

You can enter as many fixtures as you like to analyse at once. Or just look at a head-two-head analysis. 


To summaries, you will have access to 3 worksheets listed below: 

  1. Data - Contains the historical tennis data download from the data provider. This provider is very reliable with updating the results. 
  2. Tennis Stats H2H – Head-two-head statistics and prediction on two selected teams of your choice. 
  3. Full Stats - A list of all the statistics and match prediction, for your chosen an manually entered matches.  

This template comes with a complete user guide to help with any questions and help you to understand how to use the template. 

Match predictions are only available when both players have played more than 10 matches each to help with the accuracy of the predictions. 

*True odds is a calculated odds for each fixture compared against the book makers to find the best value.

ATP Series Covered

You will be able to chose from 8 different ATP Series, this is dynamically updated within the template once a new series have been played and updated within the template. All the latest results are downloaded from the data provided within seconds. A list of the current available series are listed below: 

  1. Masters Cup 
  2. Masters 1000 
  3. Masters
  4. International Gold 
  5. International 
  6. Grand Slam 
  7. ATP500 
  8. ATP250 

This workbook relies on a third party for the supply of data.

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